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If you visit our site, we store and read small files as cookies on your device. Cookie is a small set of letters and numbers that we store in your internet browser or your computer’s hard drive. Some cookies allow us to link your activities while browsing our site from the moment you open the web browser window until you close it. As soon as you close the Internet browser window, these cookies are deleted. Others stay on the device for a set amount of time and activate each time you visit the website that created the cookie. We also use pixel tags (also known as web beacons), which are small images that have a similar function as cookies. Compared to cookies that are stored on your computer’s hard disk, pixel tags are a solid part of the website. All of these technologies will be further discussed as cookies in this document for the sake of simplicity. We not only store cookies on your device, but we also read cookies that have stored our site on your device. Also, in this document, we will talk about storage only for simplicity.

Certain cookies on your device are stored directly on our site. These cookies help us:

Identify you when navigating between different pages of our site and re-visits, such as shopping carts, so we can remember your sign-in from a specific device and do not ask you for an e-mail and password repeatedly, or save which version of our We have to display the site if the site offers more variants at a given moment;
to acknowledge that you have granted us consent under this document, or Whether you, for example, offered to participate in a survey;
with security, for example, to investigate if someone has misused your connection to our site and is not in your place;
record, investigate, and troubleshoot malfunctions and malfunctions of our site.
Such cookies and other files are necessary for the operation of our website. If you block cookies from your browser, our website may not work properly and we may not be able to provide our products and services.

Next to your device:

we store cookies from our site that allow us to
Track traffic to our site, its individual sites, generate statistics and reports, and measure ad performance;
to show you different versions of our site if we test new features;
Customize for you the content of our site, such as preferring to see the products you’ve already viewed and to display additional tailored offers on our site;
we allow you to save cookies to third parties who may use them
to collect data about your behavior on our website and other websites;
to display customized bids and targeted ads within ad networks on sites other than our site;
to connect with social networks such as Facebook, including automatic sign-up, to provide features such as the “I Like It” button, and to display customized bids and targeted ads on these social networks and websites other than our site.
You may refuse to save these cookies when visiting the website of storyous.com.

We do not get information about your behavior on the web just from cookies. We also include data such as:

The IP address of your device (the address of your device through which you communicate with other devices on the Internet),
MAC Address (the address of the device through which you communicate with other devices on your local network)
your operating system’s operating system, its version, and language settings;
the browser you use on your device, its version and language settings;
website address (URL) from which you come to our site.
We process this information on your site behavior on our legitimate interest (ie without your consent) in order to:

Get information that will help us improve your site in the future; Our legitimate interest here is to improve our services for you;
creating statistics and reports, especially tracking our site traffic, individual pages, and measuring ad performance; our legitimate interest here is measuring our site’s efficiency and advertising costs; For this purpose, we may obtain additional derived data from your web site behavior and use it for that purpose;
testing new features and applications before deploying, in particular, to avoid problems with the functionality of these innovations in real traffic that could aggravate your experience of using our services; Our legitimate interest here is the seamless functionality of our services for you;
preventing attacks on our site and endangering its functionality and the security of your data; our legitimate interest is the seamless functionality of our services for you and the security of your data.
For these purposes, we use personal data for 12 months. You have the right to object to this processing.

We can also use your website behavior to personalize our website and display a targeted ad as described

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