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"We check our POS reports every day. For example, one of the beers that we sell need to be kept permanently cooled, and seeing as we don’t own any large refrigerators, we order the beer in small batches and thanks to these reports we can regularly adapt deliveries to match our needs. We even adjusted our opening hours thanks to these reports. And looking into our evening coffee sales, helped us decide when to turn off the coffee machine.“

Jitka Pročková, Operations Manager of Edison Filmhub

"Even during busy morning rushes, we need to serve our customers at top speed. So we need a POS system that doesn’t complicate this task. Thankfully selling coffee with Storyous is just three clicks away!“

Adam Dvořák, Co-Owner of Kafe Karlín

"Storyous replaced our on-premises old POS system that had no mobile features. Now we can see what’s selling even when we’re not at the Bistro!“

Honza Demuth, Owner of Naše toustárna Bistro

"We use Storyous at all four of our locations. The feature which allows you to share warehouse stock among a number of locations is great because it means I don’t have to manually do stocktaking for each separate location.“

Karel Krämer, Operations Manager Radegastovny Kolbenka

"Storyous suits us mainly for the online access to accurate reports and data of our entire business (which consists of ten sale points in two cities). It lets us respond flexibly to specific situations, which is a key factor at our company and the hospitality industry in general.“

Jiří Koukal, Operations Manager of Kofi-Kofi

"I sell ice-cream, so using the freshest ingredients is obviously my priority. That’s why my daily menu changes every day. Thanks to Storyous intuitive features, I can adapt my payment terminal to real-time situations and get an overview of what’s selling the most.“

Ludmila Straková, Owner of Puro Gelato

"The POS system continues to develop, upgrade and adapts to the growing needs. It’s simply a tech savvy provider. I don’t see why anyone would want a different POS system more than Storyous.“

Kristýna Soroková, Co-Owner of Mikyna Bistro

"I don’t like overcomplicated things, anything that’s too time-consuming. Luckily thanks to our Storyous POS system we solve things easily and efficiently. Get-togethers and business meetings often take place at our Bistro. On such occasions we have to open a large number of customer accounts which can become quite a challenging task. But, even at such times, Storyous gives us a clear overview of all our guests and notifies us of vacant seats available.“

David Konečný, Owner of Proti proudu Bistro

"In the end, as an owner, the speed of a POS system is what you value the most. On days when we’ve full house, with sixty to seventy guests seated, everything’s got to be running smoothly and efficiently. I like the fact that orders are sent directly to the bar. That way, we can start preparing the order right away for the waiting staff that are running around in-house or in the garden.“

Luboš Říha, Co-Owner of the Náplavky Café and Music Bar

"We can’t imagine business without the Mobile Waiter feature anymore. Speeds up the order process and lets you printout receipts directly at tableside.“

Michal Kroupa, Owner of Mini Brewery Malešického mikropivovaru

"The number one feature for us is the sale reports of individual items on a menu. Thanks to this, we have control of our stock and can see how well we’re doing and fulfilling our targets. Apart from this, customer data helps me evaluate preferences and thus provide more personal offers.“

Patrick Rosa, Co-Owner of La Frenchie Cafes

"We wanted something tech savvy and modern for our café. And we think Storyous wants to be exactly that, thanks to the fact that it’s constantly working on new upgrades. It’s terrific knowing our POS system won’t be out-of-date in a few years’ time.“

Jan Štráfelda, Owner of Café Až na půdu

"Customer support is accessible 24 hours a day. Storyous is always a reliable solution.“

Petr Holata, Co-Owner of Café and Cakery Alchymista

"Even on days when I can’t physically be on location, thanks to Storyous, it’s as if I were. I really appreciate the fact that I can access real-time sales and guest visits on my phone.“

Petr Vrabec, Owner of Peter's Apartment

"We use Storyous at all four of our locations. One of the main reasons we chose this system was its detailed and efficient stock management feature.“

Dominik Stříbrný, Operations Manager Pizza Fresco

"Stock Management is a must these days. Thanks to Storyous, I spend less time on inventory counts and stock management, so I can spend more time with my customers.“

David Steiner, Owner of Café Pavlač

"If I were to pick one feature that saves the most time and work in our business, then it would most definitely be the Mobile Waiter.“

Matěj Navrátil, Owner of Prostor Země Club

"When choosing a POS system, we mainly focused on the sale representative; what he offered and how he talked to us. We really appreciated the fact that we got to try out the product and also all the straightforward information that we received. When we finally decided to go for Storyous, we knew it would perfectly cater to our needs.“

Roman Koblížek, Owner of Pekař Optimista

"We run our business at three different locations and thanks to its online access we can run keep an eye on them and manage them efficiently even if we’re not at one of the locations.“

Irena Gerczak, Owner of Mississippi Grill

"One of the greatest benefits of Storyous is that it seamlessly links with our suppliers’ and partners’ systems (e.g. our delivery service or account software).“

Nikola Benková, Operations Manager BitterSweet Kafé

"Storyous teaming up with ČSOB, means they offer a payment terminal with the lowest processing fee. Thanks to this, we save a nice sum each month and thus cover the costs of using the system.“

Jaromír Kučera, Operations Manager of Harry's restaurant

"Automatized stocktaking saves us loads of time and plus it eliminates any mistake making. At the moment we use Bidfood and JIP services and Storyous has removed our need for manual data entry.“

Denisa Havlová, Operations Managerat Bílá Růže Hotel

"If you can handle a smartphone, you’ll manage Storyous.“

Petr Strnad, Owner of Klubu malých pivovarů

"The link-up with Dáme Jídlo means we never lose an order and staff don’t have to keep tabs on another device. The orders go directly to the POS so there is no need for manual entry at all.“

Ruslan Martinov, Owner of Pizza Einstein

"Getting instant access to technical support is crucial for me. I’ve always got through to Storyous almost immediately and any of their problem-solving has been straightforward.“

Mária Pexová, Owner of Caffé Cremeria Milano

"Our business with Storyous has turned into a partnership. For example, we jointly developed the “quick service” feature which simplifies takeaway orders. A feature we needed so much and now we can’t imagine running our business without it!“

Vít Šírek, Owner of Káva a pečivo

"Storyous won us over with its elegant design and ease-of-use.“

Markéta Koutová, Owner of Pizza San Severo

"I like the fact that Storyous links all aspects of the business. It removes stock on the basis of sale, which means I can do all the stock management right from my tablet.“

Michaela Odstrčilová, Owner of Parlor Café

"The thing I most like about Storyous is its user-friendly design. Both the POS system itself as well as its features are intuitive and easy-to-use. I’m not really an analytical type, so it takes me a while to get used to techie things, but with Storyous, I knew what I was doing right away and now I wouldn’t change it for anything!“

Eliška Strnadová, Owner of Cafe Spirit

"As a bar, night hours are our busiest, so I really appreciate the fact that I’ll get through to Storyous support even at two-o’clock in the morning if need be.“

Jaroslav Falta, Owner of ALE! Bar

"When I show Storyous to new staff, that never worked with a POS system before, I know they’ll be working in it just fine within an hour.“

Zuzana Hofman, Manager of Café Kavárny co hledá jméno

"Whenever I had any issue concerning Storyous, customer support was superb. The support guys were always helpful and never irritating.“

Michal Zapletal, Co-Owner of Bistro Bros

"I really value Storyous approach to customer support. Whenever I needed help with anything, I got through right away and received friendly and useful technical advice.“

Jakub Zachoval, Owner of Café at Paláci Akropolis

"We used a different POS system prior to Storyous. Migrating all our data seemed a daunting task, but the guys at Storyous turned it into a smooth and seamless transfer. We really appreciated Storyous’ personal approach and support as it made everything so much easier.“

Zdeňka Vrátná, Owner of Geekárna

"The fact that it’s an online system is a key factor for me. This means I can work from anywhere, anytime without needing to connect to a remote desktop.“

Dominik Gerža, Owner of Wine Office

"For me, Storyous is the absolute winner thanks to it being a cloud-based solution which obviously brings with it lots of benefits. This is most apparent in terms of remote management and data security.“

Matouš Petráň, Co-Owner of Dish fine burger bistro

"We used to have a large point of sale system, but were on the lookout for a more modern solution just before the e-sales were introduced. Simply put, Storyous is more modern. Today, everything is online, remote and flexible. Our old POS was not flexible, though some updates worked, the customer support service had huge problems.“

Martin Petrák, Owner of Marthy’s Kitchen Bistro

"We moved to Storyous when the e-sales were introduced. At the time, we felt the system could do with a few extra features and luckily Storyous was ever-so helpful in trying to tailor the system to our needs. In fact, we were the first-ever large restaurant to use Storyous POS, so we joined efforts to develop a number of additional features.“

Hana Čermáková, Sales Manager of Restaurant Chain Modrý zub

"Having online access to what’s happening in my café is vital for me, because I’m not there the whole day long. The majority of my staff only have access to the till, but I can manage my whole business from anywhere, anytime.“

Lenka Studená, Owner of Café Truhlárna

"Storyous is a POS system designed especially for restaurants and that’s why it works so well for us and that’s why we chose it.“

Ondřej Štěpánský, Manager of U Růžového sadu Restaurant

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