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Speed up your business, boost your turnover
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We don’t make your waiting staff think…

Our system is really simple and your waiting staff will learn everything in 30 minutes. It takes only two clicks to make an order.

…or waste their time

speed up your business by using our mobile tablets and printers and by automatically delivering orders directly into the POS, eliminating the need to copy orders by hand.

What more can it do?


“The POS is constantly evolving, updating, and adapting to practical work-life. It’s simply moving forward. I'm really surprised that people are getting anything other than Storyous."

Kristýna Soroková, co-owner of Mikyna


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Control everything from anywhere

You can check your business even from your living room. You will see the occupation rate of every table, the efficiency of your staff or the profitability of each product.

Anything you want to know about your customers

Do you know all the returning customers personally? Our loyalty program will tell you how much they spend on average and what they like the most. And you can reward them for their loyalty and let the numbers grow.

What more can it do?


"Storyous replaced our old POS that did not do anything. Now I have an overview of which items are sold the most, and I do not even have to be in the bistro. "

Honza Demuth, owner Naše Toustárna


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Automatically and without any errors

You can manage taking goods in stock in a few minutes and without any errors. If your suppliers use electronic documents, items purchased from them will be added automatically.

Missing something? We will let you know

You can find out that you don’t have any milk way before you start preparing a milkshake! Our system will detect that and help you create an order from your favorite supplier.  

More features

Provozní ve skladu

"I used to spend more than 6 hours a week with stock management. Thanks to automatic stock-up, this time has shrunk to 10 minutes. "

Karel Krämer, manager Radegastovna Kolbenka


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The chef and cooks know what is going on in the front

The orders from the bar are printed directly in the kitchen, everything important is included – all the courses as well.

Everything right on time

As soon as the customers finish the first course, the waiting staff can let the kitchen know they can prepare other courses so that the customers don’t wait too long.

Other features


"In Storyous, all features are clear and you can easily find everything you need to deal with. I have experience with other systems that were much more complicated so I can judge the difference. "

Helena Šochmanová, manager Modry zub


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