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Link your POS to a reliable payment terminal

  • Integration saves you time
  • Advanced features make your job easier
  • Money in your account within 24 hours

Terminal linked to the POS system

  • Payment amount is automatically transferred from the cash register to the terminal
  • Automated payments eliminate manual entry mistakes
  • Both the revenue and the end-of-day reports show all card payments made
  • You have a payment terminal and POS system from one supplier
  • The device can be used not only as a terminal but also as a mobile waiter

Advanced features to make your job easier

  • With a secure payment link in SMS or email, customers can pay you from anywhere
  • With the tipping feature, customers can tap a card and add a tip on the same screen
  • With dynamic currency conversion, you allow your international customers to pay in any currency
  • You can retrieve customer transaction data by tapping their card to the reader

Reliable payment terminal

  • The terminal has a separate source of internet connection (SIM) and Wi-Fi
  • Lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • Modern and durable hardware
  • Payment terminal accepts electronic vouchers

Discounted fees

We'll tailor the transaction fees to you

Money within 24 hours

The money is in your account the next business day

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Get the leading POS system built for restaurants and hotels!

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