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Payment Terminal

„Top Payment Terminal“

“Storyous teaming up with ČSOB means they offer a payment terminal with the lowest processing fee. Thanks to this, we save a nice sum each month and thus cover the costs of using the system”

Jaromír Kučera, Operating Manager of Harry’s Restaurant

POS System Integrated Payment Terminals

  • All card payments instantly sync with your POS
  • Automated payments eliminate manual entry mistakes
  • Both the revenue and the end-of-day reports show all card payments made

Lowest Processing Fee

  • The card payment transaction fee starts at 0.79%
  • The POS terminal has its own separate Internet connection (via SIM or Wi-Fi)
  • Long battery life
  • A payment terminal that accepts electronic meal vouchers

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Perfect Overviews of Your Entire Business

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Connect with Popular Services

  • Get orders from Dáme jídlo sent directly to your POS
  • Connect with Hotel Systems and offer guests charge-to-room

Get the leading POS system built for restaurants and hotels!

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