Café Alchymista

Café and Pastry Shop in Letná, Prague

“We can always count on Storyous. Customer support is available to us 24 hours a day.”

– Petr Holata, Co-owner

The café and pastry shop Alchymista is a popular spot in Prague’s Letná district. Guests are always returning not just for the delicious coffee roasted in-house, but also for the exquisite cakes and charming ambiance. Inviting visitors to enjoy long moments over delicious pastries in a beautiful interior styled after the First Czechoslovak Republic. The café also has a garden terrace set in a lovely Letná courtyard which is alone a great reason to drop by this spot.

“I appreciate the fact that Storyous is always looking to improve, and we’re able to see all of the positive changes they implement firsthand. We’ve been using the Storyous POS system at Alchymista from the very beginning, and we value that we can be directly involved in its development and actively collaborate through providing tips and advice.”


Petr Holata, co-owner

Alchymista a Storyous

Favorite features

  • All in one

    No matter whether you have to care for one restaurant or a whole network of them, you can easily access the information from all of them using your PC or smartphone. Therefore you don’t have to waste your time logging in and out of different profiles.

  • Simpler stock management

    If you need to you can automatically use all the products and stock cards in each of your businesses. You only have to create them once. This way you will save a lot of time that would be spent by setting up the same one multiple times.

  • Shopping list

    Are you running low on flour or avocado? Never mind, our system will help you to create an order with your favorite supplier so that you won’t waste your time.

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