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A working POS saves your time, which can be devoted to your customer care.


Table management

Gastro-business management starts with a perfect overview of all tables. At one table you can have an unlimited number of open accounts.

Mobile waiter

…is a portable tablet, which enables an order to be made directly from a table and then sent to the kitchen or bar. The order made at the table will be printed out in the kitchen or at the bar.

Print to the kitchen

The second POS is determined for the kitchen. You can print out the order only at the bar or in the kitchen as well, what shortens the time between the order intake and its processing.

Barcode reader

For simple and fast ringing up use laser bar codes scanner. It operates with Bluetooth technology and therefore it is portable. All loaded data automatically transfer to POS.

Account management

The cancellation of items isn't necessarily bad

All cancellations are put into evidence in the system and can be searched for reversibly.

Merging and naming accounts

Each account, which you enter into the system, must have its own name. It makes identifying guests' checks easier. You can combine or transfer accounts, too.

Transferring items

You can easily transfer items between accounts or you can link them to a new account.


Bill splitting

Each account can be covered by an unlimited number of bills. While paying, you just determine which items should be paid.


You can adapt the bill according to your preferences. You can insert your own logo or change the heading of the bill. In the bottom part you can add a note for your customers as long as 255 characters. You can print any past bills. Different user rights allow to search in various depths of the history.

Payment options

In the system, you can split card payments and cash payments. Thanks to this, you know exactly how much money you should have in your cash desk and how much money you'll receive to your account.

Payment terminal

Establishments that accept card payments have sales higher by 30 % in comparison with those that accept only cash. We have prepared the Storyous payment terminal for you, which is directly linked to our POS system so you have everything in one solution.

You can also manage your gastro-business remotely - from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
Thanks to remote access, you can immediately find out what your sales are, you are informed of every cancellation or discount, sales statistics or stock movements.

Remote access

What is remote access?

All information about your establishment is available through remote access.You can use it on any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. You can control your establishment from anywhere.

What is in remote access?

You get informed of your sales and of every cancellation or discount, sales statistics or stock movements. You can easily export your accounting data to Excel sheet or PDF.

Closure and cash check

At the end of each shift, you immediately get an overview of your sales and how much money should be there in the cash desk. Thanks to the POS system you also get an overview of all deposits, withdrawals and sales on your cash desks.


Stock cards and taking into stock

In your stock cards you have an overview of all items that you want to have in stock at the time being. While taking them into stock, the system automatically suggests items that you already have in stock. So it's enough to add the amount or possibly add a supplier.

Recipes and margins

Each item, which you sell, can consist of un unlimited number of stock cards. You know immediately what your margin is.


Inventory will help you get your stock levels at the accurate state and it will show you the real loss or gain. The whole operation can be done retrospectively.

Reports and statistics

Overview of sales and profit

You can see all your sales, average spendings as well as the number of served customers in the sales overview. You can filter every type of information by the type of payment. In the overview you can also see your gross margin after subtracting costs for ingredients.

Category and products overview

In this category, you can find out which items are sold the most and which earn the most money.

Staff overview

In this category, you will get all the information about your employees: how much money they earn, how many customers they serve during their shift and what was the average expense of their customers.

Table management

In this overview you can see which tables earn the most money to you and on the contrary, you can identify tables where people sit the least.

Multiple businesses management

All businesses under control

No matter whether you have one establishment or whole network of them, you can easily access the information from all of them using your computer or smartphone.

Unified reports

You will always find an overview of all your gastro-businesses together in one place. Therefore you get uniform statistics for all your gastro-businesses.

Simpler stock management

It is enough to create a recipe for only one gastro-business. It will be automatically possible to use it in all other places.

Our work isn't over when you buy our POS, no. Our care starts there.
We will do our best to improve the system based on your requirements, too.

Installation of POS

Installation over the video call

We will agree on an online installation date with you. Over the video call we will explain to you how the POS system works and we will show you all its functions.

Personal installation

Our instructor visits you at a pre-scheduled date. We explain all the functions of the POS system directly at your bar/café/restaurant and we provide training for your staff. Suitable for larger businesses.

Customer service

Customer support 24/7

Our team is ready to help you over the phone 24/7. You can mostly reach us via e-mail or chat. Help desk phone number: +420 778 540 982

Borrowing spare device

In case that your tablet or printer breaks down, we will lend you another one for free. We will claim your broken piece and then send it back to you. Damage or malfunction of hardware should not influence your gastro-business in any special way.


We add new features according to the demand of our customers. As a result, you can be sure that in a few years you won't have to replace an outdated system with a new one.

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