Don't force the staff to run around (and customers to wait)

With the Mobile Waiter (a portable tablet) and handheld printer, orders are taken care of straight from the table directly to the kitchen or bar. We have calculated that you can save up to 45 minutes at lunchtime and staff make at least 1/3 fewer steps.

Stitky a skupiny produkru

How is the Mobile Waiter helping Malešický pivovar?

  • Increase sales in rush hour by

    27 000 Kč

  • Saves staff steps by

    30 %

  • Saved time during lunch

    45 minut

The owner gave us a glimpse of how the mobile waiter increased sales during peak hours. His monthly sales increased by CZK 27,000 thanks to the faster staff. His investment into 4 mobile waiters was paid back within the first month.

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