What can Storyous do?

There are things your cash register just cannot do. But that is not the case with Storyous.
See what functions it has and in what ways our team can help you.

  • osoba-1
    This is Martha

    This is Marta. She found our restaurant through a paid ad and booked a table through our reservation system (we pay this system 20 Kč for each table) and she even brought a voucher from some online discount portal. She often pays with meal vouchers.

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    This is Berta

    This is Berta. She visits us on a regular basis. She booked her table over the phone and brought three friends with her. She ordered all of them an appetizer and then enjoyed her favorite flank steak. They stayed for quite some time and drank two bottles of wine. They left saying they had to do it all again in a month.

Do you want more guests like Berta?
Our loyalty program can help you with that.

Loyalty program in numbers

  • 35 %

    That's how much the loyalty program can boost your visitation.

  • 67 %

    That's how much more a returning customer spends than a new one.

  • 73 %

    That's many customers will recommend you, if you have a loyalty program.

How can you use the loyalty program?

  • Give a discount in percentage to people who spend more than 500 Kč, 1 000 Kč or more on a monthly basis. Reward them for their loyalty.

  • No more destroyed paper cards. Use our electronic stamp and guests can gather drank beer or coffee in the cell phone loyalty card.  You can give them a free one for each, let’s say, tenth.

Do you also want Storyous?

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