What can Storyous do?

There are things your cash register just cannot do. But that is not the case with Storyous.
See what functions it has and in what ways our team can help you.

Your new POS is only the beginning. We would be glad to hear how it is working for you and we are ready to help you with anything.

Personal installation and 24/7 support

You are not alone. We can come to you, teach you a few things about the POS and help you with the installation. One of our experienced colleagues will set up the device, explain all of its functions to you and instruct your staff. You can choose from three types of POS systems.


  • Extra year of guarantee

    We trust our product so that we offer one extra year of guarantee on all of our hardware – from the printer to the cash register.

  • Remote access from Storyous

    Do you need help with your POS immediately and you don’t know what to do? With your consent, we can connect to your system and help you set up anything you need.

  • Upload assistance

    We can upload all the items for sale and in stock en masse as a part of the installation process. This way we want to make the transfer from a different POS easier. We can handle the procedure that would take you few days in a few minutes.

  • Personal instruction

    If you hire new members of your team or a new manager we can come to train them personally. The training is always tailored to your needs, we can come anywhere and show and explain everything you need.

Customer support

  • Requirements

    We are still evolving our system on the basis of our customers’ wishes. Therefore our system never becomes obsolete. We change it every day, follow new trends and work on developing new functions and integrations.

  • Replacement device loan

    In case that your tablet or printer breaks down, we will lend you another one for free. We will come to get the broken device and take care of the warranty claim for you so that you can focus on your food and customers.

  • Customer support nonstop

    Our team is always available for you by phone. In 90 % you can reach us in 20 seconds wherever we are. You can also reach us via the e-mail or chat most of the time.

Do you also want Storyous?

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