What can Storyous do?

There are things your cash register just cannot do. But that is not the case with Storyous.
See what functions it has and in what ways our team can help you.

It is easy to have your business under control with Storyous.
You will always know what is going on in your establishment at the moment, like getting a message if your stock is running low, or even checking the success of your lunch menu while relaxing at home.

Upload goods into stock automatically

Do you spend your nights managing your stock? No more! We’ve connected with main suppliers in the Czech Republic and have made the process of taking goods into stock a quick, automated one-click job.

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Stock managament

  • Stocktaking

    Stocktaking will provide you with an immediate overview of your stock, possible deficit or surplus. You can also balance the stock retrospectively if you need to correct any mistakes.

  • Recipes and margin

    All you sell can consist of an unlimited number of stock cards with different price levels and margin. If you also produce your own products you can easily transfer raw materials in stock to finished products.

  • Stock cards

    You can tailor the stock cards exactly to your needs and name them easily. When buying goods the system will automatically suggest previously bought items to make the process faster.

  • Various stocks

    You can have special stocks assigned to different parts of your business and move items between them freely so that everything is always organized.

  • Production

    The ingredients you used in production (baking bread for example) but have not sold yet would disappear from your stock.

  • Critical levels

    You can find out that you don’t have any milk way before you start preparing a milkshake! Our system will detect that and you can act in advance!

  • Shopping list

    Are you running low on flour or avocado? Never mind, our system will help you to create an order with your favorite supplier so that you won’t waste your time.

Remote control

Stats and overviews

  • Sales and profit

    In the sales summary, you can see all your sales, average spending as well as the number of served customers. You can organize the data by the payment method. In the profit summary, you can also see your gross margin after deducing the ingredients costs.

  • Cancellation and discounts overview

    Check what functions are used the most in your business: cancellations, discounts, refunds, other printings or Delivered-not paid function. You can export this data in CSV format.

  • Labels

    Each item in your stock can be labeled and therefore you can create groups of products. Then you can find out if you sell white or red wine more, how much 40% alcohol was consumed or how much money your vegetarian food makes.

  • Table summary

    Here you will find out which tables earn you the most and the least money. Then you can rearrange your interior and make it cozier so that you get all the tables to their maximum profit rate.

  • Staff summary

    This way you will know everything about your personnel and it will be easy to evaluate their success rate. You will know how many customers they manage to serve during their work shift or how much money their customers spend on average.

  • Data export to accounting systems

    With one click you can create a file with your data from Storyous POS for free. You will save both time and money. Here is the list of all compatible accounting systems.

Multiple places

  • Simpler stock management

    If you need to you can automatically use all the products and stock cards in each of your businesses. You only have to create them once. This way you will save a lot of time that would be spent by setting up the same one multiple times.

  • Unified summaries

    You will always find the summaries of all your gastro-businesses together in one place. Therefore you get uniform statistics for all of them. You can also switch between the statistics of your businesses from one place.

  • All in one

    No matter whether you have to care for one restaurant or a whole network of them, you can easily access the information from all of them using your PC or smartphone. Therefore you don’t have to waste your time logging in and out of different profiles.

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