What can Storyous do?

There are things your cash register just cannot do. But that is not the case with Storyous.
See what functions it has and in what ways our team can help you.

Did you know that roughly 70 % of businesses don’t survive the second year of their existence? The reasons vary from not possessing a firm grasp of their business to lacking experience. That is why we develop our POS in cooperation with business owners to help them succeed in the market and expand.

Mobile waiter

Serving customers in the restaurant and outside in the garden, running to the kitchen and charging everybody just in time: waiting tables isn’t easy. Constantly switching in between tasks can cause your waiting staff to waste time.

With our mobile waiter, a portable tablet for your employees, it’s a whole new experience.

More about our mobile waiter

Stitky a skupiny produkru


  • Unserved customers notification

    The POS itself will know if there are people sitting at the table for half an hour not being served and it will let you know too.

  • Order numbers on bills

    We will print an order number on the bill automatically so nobody is forgotten in the process. It comes in handy when selling something to go.

  • Quick order

    Only three clicks to order and it is not necessary to open a new table. It comes handy when selling something to go.

  • Map of Tables

    You can arrange the tables in your POS according to the actual layout of your business.

  • Bar code reader

    The portable scanner uses Bluetooth technology. This enables you to automatize margins via EAN codes into the cash register. The ideal helper for selling goods and your own products.

  • Print in the kitchen

    The printer in the kitchen will speed up the delivery of information from the waiter to the kitchen. You can serve customers quicker and you welcome other guests much sooner. Furthermore, you will save even more time in combination with the Mobile Waiter,

Working with bills

  • Transferring items

    You can easily transfer any item to another account or to a newly created one. It comes in hand when somebody suddenly changes their seat.

  • Merging and naming accounts

    You can name every account at your will and then find it by this name any time. Each account can be merged or transferred to some other table.

  • Cancelled items

    You can easily find all the cancellations in the system and find out who did them. You can also export all the cancellations for a specific period of time.


  • Electronic Registration of Sales (EET)

    We're ready for the Electronic Registration of Sales (EET). You can upload the certificate that you have from your tax administrator in a jiffy. And at no extra cost.

  • Payment options

    The system recognizes various payment options. You can pick payment by cash, card, electronic meal voucher and other types you use. Your receipts then will be categorized according to different payment options in your closing balance.

  • Discounts and price levels

    If you want to reward your regular customers and provide them with a one-time discount just choose this option during their payment. You can also choose different price levels, for example when the customer buys something to go.

  • Electronic meal vouchers

    Our system can work with electronic meal vouchers EDENRED, SODEXO, and BENEFITPLUS.

  • Bills

    It is possible to load your own logo to the system and print it on the bills. You can also print some text of your own on the lower part of it. You can find and print any bill anytime repeatedly.

  • Bill splitting

    You can split the bill between more customers and everybody can pay for themselves. You just check the specific items for each guest.

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