Mobile waiter case study

Guests are served faster The table is released earlier More lunch turnover Revenue increase!

Mobile waiter speeds up customer service and increases revenue

The owner of the Malešický microbrewery, Mr. Kroupa, made it possible for us to conduct research on the use of Mobile Waiters and Printers at lunchtime.

We measured the exact number of steps that waiters take from the kitchen and the bar to the individual tables. We monitored occupancy, number of guests and customer behavior. During lunch, 12 tables were converted by 2 to 3 times the size of the table.

The operator, when using the Mobile Waiter with the printer, has offended 30% fewer steps. Time savings were even higher. Immediate print of bons saved during lunchtime in the kitchen and bar up to 45 minutes.

+ 5,69 %

8 339 CZK

Place A

146 607 CZK

+ 7,71 %

15 492 CZK

Place B

201 060 CZK

+ 6,83 %

15 768 CZK

Place C

230 562 CZK

+ 8,91 %

21 462 CZK

Place D

240 964 CZK

+ 8,94 %

23 939 CZK

Place E

267 652 CZK

+ 8,94 %

26 889 CZK

Place F

269 510 CZK

Increase in monthly revenues of businesses with a capacity similar to Malešický pivovar using mobile waiters and printers.

During the rush hour in a restaurant seating up to 54 guests the waiting staff takes approximately

4516 steps

Without mobile waiter

The difference is 1275 steps, which is 30 % less

3241 steps

With mobile waiter

Calculating saved time during peak hours

The lunch rush of 2,5 hours

Time saved

  • 25 mins of walking
  • 20 mins of getting the courses ready

Guests are going to be served approximately 3 minutes faster.

The service staff saves 25 minutes of walking and an additional 20 minutes in the kitchen

45 mins Total saved time during the rush hour

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