Who is Mr. Krämer and how it goes with his stock management?

Mr. Krämer has 4 operations – Radegastovna Kolbenka, U Šebestiána Wine Bar, Restaurant Plnej pekáč and u Velké Prahy. He deals with operations, warehouses, management of all employees and communication with suppliers.


Storing is time consuming and brings a lot of mistakes

Mr Krämer stores products that can be easily counted in recipes. This means that it does not calculate every pinch of salt in recipes or a drop of soap used in the kitchen. Manual uploading was a waste of time for him. He did everything by himself. If he entrusted this work to less experienced staff, he risks a great error rate. Even so, he has to deeply focus. And maybe for 5 undisturbed hours a week. He is in charge of all four places of operation, each of which has several hundreds of stacked items from about 8 suppliers.

Manuální naskladnění

5 hodin

Automatické naskladnění

10 minut
ušetřený čas

4 hodiny, 50 minut = 10 000 Kč měsíčně

Among the first, he has tried the automatic stock-up. 5 hours a week then turned into 10 minutes.
The electronic delivery note goes directly from the suppliers to his email, so nothing gets lost on the way.
This note is then uploaded to Storyous and that’s it.

  1. 1

    Ordered goods arrive

  2. 2

    An electronic delivery notes goes to your email

  3. 3

    Upload it to Storyous

  4. 4

    Quick check and that's it

More places, one delivery note

It turns out that one delivery note needs to be put into several companies or places and divided. There’s no problem with Storyous – you can adjust the particular amount in each business as you wish. Mr Krämer saves weekly CZK 2,500. Monthly, therefore, more than CZK 10,000. And we do not count the time and the nerves saved by complicated tracking of mistaken entries.

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