Bistro proti proudu

Bistro, Prague

“Installing the Storyous POS system in our bistro didn’t even take an hour and our staff learned how to use it within two. Everything was simple and we were able to start working right away. Now we use all of its available functions without any problems.” – David Konečný, Owner

The Karlín bistro Proti Proudu waited three years for its grand opening while the Konečnýs held out for the perfect spot. And the waiting paid off! Bistro goers can now enjoy not only hearty sandwiches, fresh and colorful soups, or an enticing dessert with coffee, but also the original interior decor – minimalistic with a touch of homeyness.

“I don’t like unnecessarily complicated things – anything that takes up too much of my time. Thanks to the Storyous POS system we’ve been able to solve a lot of things really easily. For example, our bistro is often used for various meetings including for business. On these occasions we have a lot of tabs open and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all. Storyous enables us to have a good overview of all our guests and free spots even in these situations.”



Features we love

  • Bill splitting

    You can split the bill between more customers and everybody can pay for themselves. You just check the specific items for each guest.

  • Unified summaries

    You will always find the summaries of all your gastro-businesses together in one place. Therefore you get uniform statistics for all of them. You can also switch between the statistics of your businesses from one place.

  • Recipes and margin

    All you sell can consist of an unlimited number of stock cards with different price levels and margin. If you also produce your own products you can easily transfer raw materials in stock to finished products.

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