• We have a chair for you, join Storyous!

  • Why Join Us?

    We've started as a dreamy startup but today we are number one of pos system's providers. Our secret? We are a team and we play together! We respect the uniqueness of individual but work together as one player. We have flexible working hours, table football and fatboy, we are going for lunch and enjoy together time even after work. Together we educate and we improve. We appreciate creativity, hard working and responsibility! Our credo? We do not limitate, we motivate!

    So what do you think? Do you wanna be one of us?

    Are you intersted in different job? Do you think you are good fit to our team? Send an email on job@storyous.com

  • Cooperation with students

    Do you study and are you interested in our company? Are you seeking for new experiences? Do you think you can offer your potential but looking for a mentor? Join us! We are open to corporate with all ambitious students through internship, part time jobs or topic for a thesis.

    What do you get?
    • The best know how of our team leaders
    • Great career experiences in the company where people love their jobs
    • Opportunities to join our intern workshops and thus improve your skills

    Don't hesitate and text us! We are looking to meet you!

    What are you interested in?
    Bachelor thesis
    Tell us something about you.
  • That's just how we RISE!

  • What does it look like our office?


    Each of us is unique individual and each of us has the word to speak. We are rebels, visionary, idealists, optimists and strategist. We are passionate travelers, gastro gurus, excited books lovers, shrimp breeders or profi sportsman. Together we are perfect! Together we have fun but together we can work hard and make things happen.

  • OUR GENES “that's who we are”


    We enjoy to be a part of the team. Storyous is our home, our family. We respect each other and encourage each other because we know that together we can shine and reach the best results.


    We are ready to change and adapt for all new coming! Flexible work hours, new projects, product development, clients requests that's all what characterize our flexibility!


    We believe that innovation is the key for success. We work hard on our product and we work hard on ourselves. We want to be the number one on the market and improve our services.


    Our client is our partner and we 100% respect his needs! We want to provide easy and effective solutions for all customers.


    Quality is fundamental! We develop a quality of product, we love a quality coffee, we appreciate quality of the individual and also we encourage quality of humor.


    We enjoy our work, we love when our customer are happy, we are excited about new projects and we are passionate to create new values.