Javascript/PHP/MySQL developer

We’re looking for a developer, who will take our website and transform it to another level. We’ve been expanding to different countries and are working on new functionalities and microsites to inform our customers.

What are you going to do?

  • Develop new features for our website in 5 countries
  • Take over the technical side of our SPIRIT magazine and cooperate with externists
  • Create HTML banners
  • You are very welcome to grow and implement your ideas within our marketing team. Interested in machine learning or neural networks? Tell us at the interview!

How to tell you are the one?

  • You know your way around HTML5, CSS (LESS, SASS), Javascript, PHP
  • You have a great sense of humor
  • You are a foodie

What are you getting in return?

  • Self growth – Ok, we know that everybody says that, but we mean it! We organize workshops on various topics regularly and you can take part in those either as a student or even as a lecturer. There is an office library to inspire you with books both in Czech and English. And of course, you can work on your language skills with us during regular language courses.
  • Multisport card – A really nice perk to get yourself moving! Sound in body, sound in mind, they say.
  • Storyous team – We are a bunch of easy going people, and yes, we do know that everybody says that too. Feel free to stalk us at @storyous Instagram and see for yourself.
  • Storyous events – Company days, Running club, Movie nights, Storyous Tours for foodies among us
  • Storyous mobile tariff – Company tariff plan for free goes without saying
  • We’ve got food – We are all about food and drinks so once you join us, you are going to enjoy delicious coffee, cakes, fruit and all the good stuff on the kitchen table in our offices.

Už se u nás vidíš? Kontaktuj nás

Společnost s.r.o., IČO: 24250856] (dále jen „my“) bude zpracovávat vaše identifikační a kontaktní údaje, údaje související s výkonem práce a údaje o posouzení vaší vhodnosti za účelem realizace výběrového řízení a prověřování kandidátů. Více informací o zpracování včetně vašich práv, jako je právo na přístup, naleznete v Podrobných informacích o zpracování osobních údajů pro uchazeče o zaměstnání.

Vaše identifikační a kontaktní údaje a údaje související s výkonem práce můžeme zařadit do naší databáze uchazečů a po dobu 3 let vás případně oslovit s jinou relevantní nabídkou práce.