• We're Storyous

    No rocket science. Simply pronounced [Sto-ry-ous]

  • We're Storyous

    No rocket science. Simply pronounced [Sto-ry-ous]

    Our goal

    is to reform gastronomy using new technologies

    In the beginning we desired sharing our passion for coffee with others via a simple blog and a social network. But as time passed, both restaurants and their customers were supposed to be linked more tightly. Having our social network in the pocket wasn't the only feature we wanted to provide. We've had a thought of adding an app which would allow paying restaurant checks using a cellphone. Sadly there was an issue: no POS was adapted to the idea.

    This drew our attention and we started developing our own cloud-based POS. It didn't take long and we got our first customer. By the end of the year 2014 about 100 restaurants, pubs and cafés claimed Storyous as their POS.

    Today we have around 1 190 clients and our team is growing wider every day. Our blog went through a transformation into an online magazine subscribed by thousands of viewers.

    We're #2 in the Czech Republic and it ain't no finishing line yet. The plan is to fulfill our concept and then go on, crossing both market and comfort boundaries.

  • Facts you may not (need to) know about us

    • 93
      Víte, že máme 93% spokojených zákazníků?
    • Together we can grow
      Proving your skills makes you welcome. Let's help each other and share the knowledge!
    • Good morning & happy birthday!
      Breakfast invitation for everybody who's had their birthday in the last month! *YUMMY*
    • Not imitation. Innovation.
      Our main focus is to reform the relationship between enterprises and their guests.
    • Smart & simple
      We take extra time to make our products smart. This is how we take the weight off our clients' shoulders.
    • Must have delicious meals…
      Living & loving food is our lifestyle.
    • …but mustn't forget to do some stretching
      Burning calories by regular exercising is a great motivation as the sportiest employee gets a free massage voucher once a month.
    • 10:00
      Breakfast is over, caffeine flowing through our veins and it's time to get cracking.
    • 2500 g / week
      Now you understand why we're considered coffeeholics? 2 500 g coffee per week is a real deal.
    • Thinking big minding the smallest details
      We're both dreamers and perfectionists. Our vision drives us light-speed forward but we make no step further unless we're 100 % sure about it.
    • Over a million per month
      This many guests are served in all the enterprises that use our POS. That's pretty neat but we naturally want more.
    • Flexibility - we offer it, we require it
      It's important to allow people to grow the way they desire. But it's essential they are high-performance-oriented and responsible as well.
  • These people approve Storyous

    Alice Pasková Alice Pasková

    We like to collaborate with projects that don't fear looking at things differently and have a will to innovate.

    Lukáš Svoboda Lukáš Svoboda

    I'm a fan of new projects that have a thought and attract your interest. That's exactly what you do, rock on!

    Daniel Kolský Daniel Kolský

    Storyous is a pack of people open to all our requests and always comes with a clever solution.

    Jakub Havrlant Jakub Havrlant

    I see Storyous as a great opportunity to bring restaurants closer to the customers. The owner gets to know them better and receives feedback. And Storyous has found a very effective way.

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